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For now, China Eastern Airlines provides online service for processing the boarding pass for Adults and accompanied children who book tickets for domestic, international or regional routes. Passengers who carry infants are required to check in at the airport counter. For the specific service hours of processing the boarding pass online, please see <cities allowing online check-in and the service hours>. Passengers who need to process the boarding pass for flights operated by China United Airlines are required to check in through China United Airlines' official website. FAQ    Operation Guidance    
Passenger's name:

Please input your name in the format " Family name/Given Name" for international flights
Phone No:
Verification code:
Important notice:

    1.The seat you checked can only be cancelled online.

    2.In special circumstances China Eastern will close the online check-in service, thanks for your understanding.

    3.If you can't take the flight on time, please cancel the online check-in one hour before departure. The cancellation can be done three times at most.

    4.With the exception of route of America and Canada, where online check-in service opens 24 hours before flight takeoff, online check-in service of Harbin Airport opens before 21:00 of the day prior to the flight takes off, and that of all other airports opens two days before the flight takes off.

    5.If you booked special service or special meal, please register at the check-in counter on the day of departure.