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Second China Eastern aircraft, “The Creativity between Nature & Mankind”


The artistically painted China Eastern (CES) aircraft, “The Creativity between Nature & Mankind”, was unveiled April 1 in Xi’an for the World Horticultural Exposition. This is the second "Expo Xi'an" aircraft launched.

The artistically painted aircraft “The Creativity between Nature & Mankind” is an Airbus S.A.S. A320. The A320, the main type of CES aircraft serving the Xi’an aviation market, is designed and produced by Airbus Industries. This aircraft is used for mid-and-short haul passenger transport and has a single-channel and a bi-engine. It is also the world’s first passenger aircraft with a digital telex flight control system. The “The Creativity between Nature & Human” CES aircraft (aircraft number of B-6028), holds 8 first-class cabins and 150 economy-class seats; and with the largest fuselage in its class, passengers enjoy greater comfort and safety in flight. The two specially designed aircraft, “The Creativity between Nature & Mankind” and “The World Horticultural Exposition” will primarily be used on routes between Xi’an and other major Chinese cities, but will also be used on some international and regional flights. This plane is valued as the “Air Angel of the World Horticultural Exposition”.

 The design of the aircraft “The Creativity between Nature & Mankind” originated from theme of the Xi’an International Horticultural Exposition, “eternal peace & harmony between nature & mankind, nurturing the earth—a city for nature, co-existing in peace”. The design highlights the harmony between nature and mankind, as well as green mountains, water and garden landscapes. In all, the design wholly embodies the harmonious beauty between nature and mankind, and mankind and gardening. The design also includes the “Chang’an flower”, the flower of the Xi’an International Horticultural Exposition, and the “pomegranate flower”, which is not only the symbol of the World Horticultural Exposition, but also the flower of Xi’an, the host city of the World Horticultural Exposition.
Reportedly, CES expects to launch a third specially designed aircraft, possibly a larger wide-body passenger aircraft Airbus A330, also inspired by the World Horticultural Exposition. CES desires to enable more passengers to Xi’an to visit the World Horticultural Exposition by establishing more convenient air networks and improving flight connections. Together with CES, passengers can better enjoy the World Horticultural Exposition.

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