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Liu Shaoyong, President of CES invited to speak at Columbia University


On April 6, Liu Shaoyong, general manager of CES and president of China Eastern Air Holding Company (CEAH) attended an academic forum in New York, USA hosted by the China Business Initiative, and the Jerome A. Chazen Institute of International Business at Columbia University. He gave a special speech titled To See Development of State-owned Business and Airline Company of China from Successful Reconstruction of CES. Prior to his speech, Liu Shaoyong met with R. Glenn Hubbard, dean of the Columbia Business School, and attended a senior training and student career planning sessions at Columbia University.
In his speech, Liu Shaoyong shared with students and others in the audience his personal impressions of CES restructuring efforts as well as his viewpoints on the development of China's civil aviation industry and reform of China’s state-owned industries. These significant changes occurred after the reform of CES operations, reorganization of China Eastern and Shanghai Airlines, integration of new information technology, optimization of the allocation of resources, etc. Liu Shaoyong believes that the renewal of CES exemplifies the reform and development of both Chinese aviation industry and Chinese state-owned enterprises. He was filled with emotion when he talked about his own experiences. Just 20 years ago, China had just over one hundred civil aviation aircraft, but today, through reform and development, major Chinese aviation companies are amongst the top ten aviation companies in the world. In order to elaborate his thoughts on the advancement of business and industry development he quoted the chairman of a world famous airline, “reform is the soul of the airline industry and the industry’s survival and development depend on it”.
Concerning public interest issues such as the “internationalization” of Chinese airlines, Liu Shaoyong spoke about development planning and the internationalization, information technology, and hub construction strategies of CES over the next 5 years. One example of CES strategy is that the airline will soon join the Sky Team Alliance. The ultimate goal of CES is to make the new China Eastern into a leading business and world-class brand.
Senior managers from the following companies and organizations attended the forum: International Air Transport Association, Boeing, GE, Hewlett-Packard, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, The World Economic Forum, China International Capital Corporation, The Bank of New York Mellon and NYSE Euronext.
Columbia University, an American Ivy League institution of higher learning is of world renown. Additionally, Columbia University’s Jerome A. Chazen Institute of International Business of is one of the premier research institutes in the area of Chinese history, culture, society and economics in the world. The progression of Chinese economy and development of enterprises has been a long-standing focus of the Institute.

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