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CEA wins the “2012 Best Corporation Award” at the China Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Meeting


  On 5th July, 2013, at the China CSR annual meeting held in Beijing, CEA won the “2012 Best Corporation Award for Listed State-Owned Enterprises” The Organizer “Southern Weekend”, for the first time granted the award to CEA, in recognition of its efforts related to social responsibility.

In the past year, China Eastern Airlines Corporation continued to deepen corporate citizenship, deeply understood the meaning of responsibility, and earnestly fulfilled its corporate social responsibility. In pursuit of business development and social responsibilities, CEA enhanced responsibility and strived to strengthen responsibility practices, thus expanding limits of responsibility. In 2012, CEA made great progress in fleet’s energy conservation, carrying out large-scale public welfare activities for the benefit of society, and supporting poverty alleviation and development, which were well received by the whole society. In this selection, the organizers “Southern Weekend” and a number of governments and academic institutions, based on scientific and measurable third-party data and study of governmental departments, and data companies, and through official data, questionnaires, comprehensive general liability reports and media reports, conducted comprehensive research and evaluation of the scale of enterprise assets and social responsibility, to ultimately form “Listed Chinese State-Owned Enterprises Social Responsibility Board, “"List of World’s Top 500 Enterprises’ Contribution in China” and “China (Mainland) Private Enterprises Wealth Creation List”. China Eastern Airlines Corporation was among the Top 20 Listed Chinese State-Owned Enterprises Social Responsibility Board, ranking far better than that in the past, and consequently winning the “Best Corporation Award”.

  It is reported that China Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Meeting has a decade of history evaluating social responsibility, which is a comprehensive evaluation of state-owned, private, and multinational companies in terms of responsibility fulfillment. It has good reputation in these three main types of enterprises and has been widely recognized. The theme of the meeting was “Building Responsibility Consensus - a new starting point for the next ten years”. Through the annual ceremony, organizers hoped to explore the route for building a harmonious society for organizations or individuals, promote the concept of social responsibility, set examples of social responsibility, and establish a benchmark for annual responsibilities.


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