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Customer Benefits

The Sky Is Yours

As you embark on your journey for the first time or the hundredth time, you can do without long lines and complex connections. Wherever you go, SkyTeam is with you. As you make your way from country to country, city to city, our 20 member airlines are dedicated to help make your travels smoother and more simplified.

Reasons why SkyTeam’s with you

Global coverage

As you make your way from country to country and city to city, our 19 member airlines are dedicated to help make your journey smoother and more simplified. With over 15,000 daily flights to 1064 destinations in 178 countries, the SkyTeam network offers you more destinations and more connections from the best hubs in the world.

Travel passes that simplify your global travels

Ever dream of traveling around the world or exploring a continent in depth? Whether it’s for business or personal adventure, you now have a smarter, more economical way to go places. With SkyTeam Go Passes, you can take advantage of our global network of 20 Member airlines and enjoy more flexibility and savings during your travels.

  • Go Global Pass —  With SkyTeam Go Global, you’ll only need one ticket to go around the globe. Use the Round the World Planner on skyteam.com to plan your trip.
  • Regional Go passes — allows SkyTeam customers who purchase a transatlantic, transpacific or intercontinental ticket to America, China, Asia, Africa, Mexico, Italy, Russia or Europe to also purchase three or more one-way intra-region flight segments at reduced fares.
Frequent Flyer benefits

The more you fly with our SkyTeam members, the quicker you earn miles towards Elite status. Among the many benefits you will enjoy are Priority Check-in, Preferred Seating and lounge access. You can earn and redeem miles with all 20 member airlines.

Lounge access

Leave the chaos of the airport terminal behind. SkyTeam member airlines welcome you to over 564 lounges worldwide.

Corporate solutions

We will cater to many of your corporate travel needs, whether you’re a local business or a multinational company. SkyTeam Global Corporate Contracts go beyond a standard loyalty program in meeting your company’s travel requirements, providing cost savings and a vast network that is focused on your travel needs.

Organizing a large-scale international meeting? We can help streamline the process for you with SkyTeam Global Meetings. Get discounted fares, reward tickets and simplify your event travel needs.

Please go to www.skyteam.com for more information