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On-board Entertainment

On-board Entertainment

Variety film

  • TOP+

    'Top+'produced by FRI.TV,is a fantastic programme that brings you the hottest and latest moments of wonderful events,watching snooker。

  • Movies in the Air

    Is a film interpretation of the film, each program will be a quick interpretation of film theaters and reviews. 

  • pleased fashion

    Based on the advocating and pursuit of beauty by modern women, the most attractive lens, the most fashionable trend, is displayed.

  • Little love letter

    A tender little story every time, a clean and beautiful picture, the love of the hero and heroine germinating, become the most beautiful love letter of the image forever.

  • Creation set

    A warm and happy family of three, recorded by the image of daily hand for bit by bit, take the natural flowers, original flavor spices and a variety of organic ingredients, after simple and simple and interesting hand to make the whole family to maintain the skin, .

  • There are pet Oscar

    The integration of the network of pet content integration IP, with funny language, crazy brain hole, as well as the shame of the small train as a creative style, to create Mengmei sector Oscar, creative fun to share scripts, warm film, Eggs and other content.

  • Gaotishi golf

    China's leading mobile Internet golf teaching program, always enhance your skills and taste. 

  • ErGeng

    Tell a person, or a thing, about its best and best parts.. Micro records not only respect classic, but also adapt to trends, can make the traditional things more people, the Internet is loved and spread. 

  • Cat and Cate

    It tells the daily stories about Mr.Jiang and his cat. Jiang is good at cooking. Their wonderful cate and life make us feel happy. 

  • Just for Laughs Gags Season 15

    The hidden camera take photos secretly of different reflections of people when they meet strange things. It's of so much fun that it's the most favorite one by airline companies.


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