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On-board Entertainment

On-board Entertainment


  • Puppy Love

    The film makes us think of our high school years.

  •  Wished

    This is a film meant for the generation of 80s with many punchlines.

  • The One

    This is like Stephen Chow’s film with intensive punchlines and highlights.

  • Wukong

    “I want the sky to never block my eyes. I want the earth to never bury my heart. I want the people to understand me. I want the Buddha to completely vanish.”

  • Father and Son

    It is nominated for the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival’s Film Chanel Media Award.

  • Dilwale

    'Dilwale' features Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. The old partners have cooperated for ten times. They will write a romantic story again.

  • Laughing Lucky Cats

    This is a film adapted from Yamamoto Yukihisa's comic 'Laughing Lucky Cats'.

  • Marie-Francine

    A fifty-year old woman can have a fantastic life!

  • Lola on the Pea

    Shown in the closing ceremony of The Chicago International Children's Festival.


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