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On-board Entertainment

On-board Entertainment


  • Mr. Highheels

    It is a unique film about male cross-dressers. It will give you a fresh feel which integrates romance into fashion.

  • Sword Master

    It tells the stories of the traditional warriors and will show you a poignant legend.

  • Suddenly Seventeen

    It tells the different attitudes towards love and career for people at different age stages. It intends to provoke your own thinking.

  • Some Like It Hot

    It is a screwball comedy. All kinds of humorous stories reveal the men's inner world.

  • Cook Up a Storm

    Delicious food, touching stories and the comic plots make it a special and funny movie for you to enjoy.

  • Housefull 3

    This movie series have distinct style: to make everyone happy.That's what's the matter.

  • Seto and Utsumi

    It is a film based on a comic of the same name.What is youth exactly? What should we do to make our youth more meaningful?

  • Radin!

    This comedy will give you a fresh feeling. Dany Boon will show you a different life. It is well worth seeing.


    French style comedy.A film like this comedy warmth will give you much more pleasure.


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