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On-board Entertainment

On-board Entertainment


  • Northeast Past

    The story background set in the 1890s, laugh-out-loud comedy acts as the open mode. It tells the northeastern ordinary men take care of the lonely elders and join hands to save the nursing home. It passes on a kind of positive sacrifice spirit.

  • Revenge for love

    The film not only gives a lot of happiness to the audience, but also the kernel of sensibilities of courageously chasing love also has struck a responsive chord in the hearts of the audience.

  • My Egg Boy

    The setting of Egg Boy is a kind of new man type, firm appearance, but fragile and rich inward. It tells the modern metropolis females work hard, but their love is in a predicament.

  • Love off the cuff

    The third works of the series warmly comes back, the small ideas and stories are full of HongKong taste, the older woman and never grown-up man fight with their hearts, has become the love Bible in the modern society.

  • Battle of Memories

    It is filmed in Thailand Bangkok, it blends with the Southeast Asian feel to the artistic creation, props and sets. Thus a mysterious memory world has been created.

  • Pink

    It happened in Delhi, obviously alluding to the Delhi bus incident. The girl rules in the traditional concepts have become the reasons to bully and dispraise women. It is probably very ideal in modern India for the victory of the human rights in the end of the film, but it also brings hopes to us.

  • Kako: My Sullen Past

    The director Shirô Maeda has a proficient control for works of the ordinary people’s daily life, it can be seen from the high-score A Story of Yonosuk. Fumi Nikaidou, who was born in 1994, began her career in the film Himizu in 2011 and now has become the new Muse in the Japanese film circle. And it is also expecting this time that Fumi Nikaidou will work with Kyôko Koizumi to act respectively the daughter and the mother.

  • The Strength You Give Me

    Let us follow the main actor to enter into the medical accident to find out, very worthy of watching.


    It is about a young girl, although there are no such many of coincidence in the world, there are still beauties in it.


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