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On-board Entertainment

On-board Entertainment


  • Rock Dog

    It has an indelible mark on the history of Chinese cartoons, has rich creativeness on the contents, worthy of our watching.

  • Mission Milano

    The film has a lot elements of actions, polices and villains and inspirations. The two main heroes bring a lot of visual thrilling to the audience through their extreme duels.  

  • Scandal Maker

    It is very excellent in the sense of comedy and entertainment. The interactions between the two generations are funny and warm, leading us feeling the beloved family affection.

  • The Summer Is Gone

    Through the extremely slow tempo, it remembers the old days of the 1990s of the western cities, the images of white and black is more like poetry, fine and full.

  • Shock Wave

    It is a police action drama, through the big events to express the figures. Before the main events take places, it adds the collision between the hero and the villain. Also adds the female character to express the hero’s personal life, making the character of the hero more life-like.

  • Dear Zindagi

    The film is real and natural. From the sides of the vocational choices, love and marriage, your birth family, let’s follow the actress to know about ourselves and complete our life one step by one step.

  • Where I belong

    It adapts from the same-name best-selling novel. It tells a self-abandoned young man turns over a new leaf on his journey of being a fugitive.

  • Timm Thaler

    The whole plot of the story is funny and compact, full of suspense, especially the main hero and the mystical old man outwitting each other is very exciting.

  • Venise sous la neige

    The French warm comedy, full of fun. The music is very lovely. It is worthy of watching.


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