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On-board Entertainment

On-board Entertainment

Chinese pop

  • Black&Golden CD1

    'From black to gold and dark night towards the sun' is the attitude of  Laure's brand new album.

  • Love Among Us CD1

    Knowing  the colorful story and wonderful change along her journey in Tan Jing's splendid sound.

  • In Search of Lost Time

    Sandy selects 10 classic songs that have great influence in Mandrain music industry and give them new soul by re-arrangement.

  • 「00:00」

    Ten new songs in the album will let you hear Yisa's freedom and change.

  • Asia First Female

    Sophia, one of Chinese most powerful female singers, who reperformed the male singers' classic songs after decades of accumulation.

  • 18

    GEM releases her second album on her eighteenth birthday, which reveals her outstanding singing skills and creative talents.

  • 19

    19 is the first album of Adele and is produced by herself. It is a delicate and prominent musical work.

  • What About Now

    This is the milestone album released by the most successful rock band--Bon Jovi on their 30th anniversary.

  • Wishes

    Wishes is the debut studio album by British musician Rhodes.


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