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Special Passengers

Special Passengers

Sick, disabled and pregnant passengers
· China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited accepts ill, disabled and pregnant passengers according to finite conditions. Passengers who have bodily or mental illnesses/defects, cannot take care of themselves during the air travel and require assistance, and pregnant women are all covered by this category.
· China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited provides special services for ill, disabled and pregnant passengers according to the regulations of our company and related carrier flights.
· China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited is entitled to refuse to carry ill, disabled and pregnant passengers who do not accord with the transportation regulations or who are not fit for travel by plane.
· Each wide-body aircraft (double-deck) of China Eastern can accept a maximum of six passengers in flight who have limited mobility and must use a mobility aid. Alternatively, these aircraft can accept two passengers who cannot walk without assistance from others, and four passengers who cannot walk without a mobility aid, or they can accept one passenger with severe mobility limitations. A narrow-body (single-deck) China Eastern aircraft can accept a maximum of four passengers who must use a mobility aid. Alternatively, these aircraft can accept one passenger who cannot walk without assistance from others and two passengers who cannot walk without a mobility aid, or one passenger who has severe mobility limitations. Each flight can accept one stretcher passenger without advanced preparation.
· China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited bears responsibility for ill, disabled and pregnant passengers to the same degree as common passengers.

sick, disabled and pregnant passenger range
· Physical sickness;
· Mental sickness;
· Stretcher passenger;
·  Limb disability;
· Elderly people who, although absent of illness, require assistance from other people, should be treated as ill passengers and be given appropriate attendance during travel.
· Pregnant passengers.

Passenger refusal range
· Passengers with infectious diseases;
· Passengers who are terminally ill;
· Psychotic patients who readily experience deliria and may cause damage to others;
· Passengers who have serious facial damage or possess a peculiar odor or habits, who may cause disturbance to other passengers;
· Unaccompanied stretcher-bound passengers

Application content of stretcher passengers
· Name of passenger;
· Flight number, class grade and departure date;
· Departure place and destination of the flight;
· Detailed illness information;
· Give clear indication of the status of accompanying staff;
· Give clear indication whether to provide oxygen, arrange ambulance, etc.;
· Give clear indication whether ambulances at the departure platform or the destination are required to be provided by the company or by passengers themselves, etc.

Handling procedures
· Booking offices of China Eastern are responsible for handling booking requests from stretcher-bound passengers. Other booking branches and sales agents don't accept stretcher-bound passenger’s reservations or ticket purchases.
· Ill passengers (including pregnant women and stretcher passengers, but not disabled passengers) taking flights of our company must show a Certificate of Diagnosis. The Certificate of Diagnosis must be provided and possess a seal from a third-grade hospital (i.e. any hospital that is not a clinics or medical center) within 96 hours before the time of travel of sick passengers; seriously sick passengers shall have a Certificate of Diagnosis issued within 48 hours before the time of departure. Simultaneously, the signature and opinion of a doctor higher in rank than attending physician should be attached. The Certificate of Diagnosis provided for seriously sick passengers (angiocarpy, cancer, acute trauma, etc.) must be issued within 24 hours prior to travel.
· Passengers must arrive at a China Eastern booking office at least 48 hours in advance to request services for a stretcher-bound passenger who will only be permitted to board if the request was reviewed and agreed to by China Eastern.
· Stretcher passengers must arrive at the airport 2 hours in advance for handling of the boarding procedures.
· Only economy class passengers can be accepted for stretcher transportation procedures.
· Sick stretcher-bound passengers should be accompanied by at least one medical care professional or adult. The medical care professional must show proof of identity and professional certification.
· Hospital contact, ambulances and other ground service fees should all be undertaken by stretcher passengers themselves.
· Appropriate economy price can be provided for stretcher passengers, accompanying staff or guardians. Three to five tickets (according to the actual number of disassembled seats) at standard fare are required to be purchased for the occupied seats of the stretcher.
· The ticket of the stretcher passenger allows carrying of baggage up to 100kg.

Passengers requiring Oxygen in-flight
· Passengers requiring oxygen on the flights of China Eastern and its partners must apply for this service at least above 48 hours prior to departure of the flight. Under special circumstances, requests made 24 hours in advance will be considered. Passengers applying for this service at China Eastern’s Headquarters and at branch offices not directly affiliated with China Eastern must apply 72 hours in advance.
· • Sick passengers who require medical oxygen in-flight must make the request in advance and pay associated fees.

Charges for in-flight oxygen use
· At present, most commonly used oxygen cylinders are 9700Type and 9800Type, with the respective oxygen supply time of 65 minutes with 4L outlet and 130 minutes with 2L outlet. Four oxygen cylinders at the most are provisionally provided for every flight. Anything exceeding this amount cannot be considered.
· Oxygen is free for oxygen use stretcher passengers should they buy all seats occupied.
Non-stretcher passengers requiring oxygen must put forward the application 24hours ahead of the flight departure, for the price of 300RMB/bottle. If the application is provided within 24hours before the departure, the price is 500RMB/bottle.

Pregnant passengers
· Pregnant passengers must provide the medical records denoting their pregnancy period before taking flights with our company.
· Passengers who have been pregnant for 32 weeks (included)-36weeks are required to provide the Certificate of Diagnosis within 72hours before the departure, and denote the excepted date of delivery.
· China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited refuses to carry passengers who have been pregnant for more than 36 weeks, have premature symptoms or have just delivered within seven days.

Sample of Certificate of Diagnosis
Certificate of Diagnosis
1.Passenger Name            2.Age          3.Gender       
4.Address (or working unit)                      5.Telephone       
6.Flying range: flight number            Date   Month   day From    To    
6.Transfer service: flight number            Date   Month   day From    To    
7.Diagnosis result:                                                 
8.Symptom, degree, after healing (expected date of delivery should be marked if passengers are pregnant)                                                                                                                         

Notification: (1) item 7 and 8 should be filled in a clear and brief manner.
(2) Please refer to the contents in the following table when flight attendants provide necessary services for disabled passengers during the travel.

No Light Moderate Serious Remarks
Blood Pressure          
Annotation: (please list conditions if passengers have bladder/rectal obstacles or require special meal or drug and medical treatment, etc.)
Required seating posture (enclose the following proper items with O),

Posture  1.Using general seats on the plane 2. Using stretcher equipment on the plane
Accompanying staff  Doctors, nurses and other personnel (list specifically) No
Embarkment and Disembarkment Wheelchair  Yes , No
Stretcher  Yes , No
Ambulance Yes , No
Having read the data on the back of this form,, our diagnosis is that the health condition of the passenger is suited to the requirements of air travel; the passenger has no infectious diseases and will not cause harmful effects on other passengers.
Doctor:            Tel:                       
Signature             Medical unit (sealing)


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