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Online Check-in

Online Check-in

FAQs related to online check-in

I.What kinds of passengers can apply for online self-service check-in?

Answer: The check-in service is only limited to adult passengers, excluding those  whoneed special services. Children, infants, transfer passengers, VIP, sick passengers, wheelchair passengers and stretchers, disabled soldiers, policemen, pregnant women, passengers with stretchers, cabin baggage, unaccompanied old passengers and special meals applicants should check in at CEA check-in counters.

II.For what kinds of tickets is online self-service check-in available?

Answer: Only adult travellers with no special requirements may use the online check-in service. Passengers with VIP status or special meal requirements, and those who are sick, injured, disabled revolutionary servicemen and police, wheelchair- or stretcher-bound, pregnant, CBBG unaccompanied elderly, may not use this service and must check-in with China Eastern at the airport. At present, China Eastern online check-in is not available for the abovementioned special travellers. Additionally, China Eastern cannot check infants or children less than 12 years of age in online. Therefore, we request that adults travelling with infants or children do not check-in online.

III.Passengers holding which kinds of tickets are allowed to check-in online?

Answer:  online self-service check-in is available to MU E-tickets. If the ticket is in paper form, online self-service check-in procedure is unnecessary.

IV.For what kinds of  classes are online self-service check-in available?

Answer: online self-service check-in is available for all reserved E-tickets for all classes.

V.Can online self-service check-in available at all airpoarts? 

Answer: CEAIR online check-in services are available in some cities., please refer to the Cities where CEAIR Online Check-in Services are available. Flights depart from HongKong, please check in on the website:  http://hk.flychinaeastern.com/muovc/front/checkin/checkin!doInit.shtml.

VI.Can I check-in online if I have  check-in luggage? 

Answer: Yes, you can, but you should arrive at the airport 1 hour before departure and check your luggage at CEAIR check-in counters. Any luggage that exceeds 20cm*40cm*55cm in size or weighs more than 5kg must be checked in.  Luggage must comply with security regulations by which alcoholic drinks, knives and hazardous tools must be checked in.  Valuable articles, travel documents, fragile goods and hazardous articles like flammables, explosives and corrosives are prohibited from being packed in check-in luggage.  (For more details, please log onto www.ceair.com, or dial MU customer service hotline 95530, or refer to CEAIR Notices to Passengers).

VII.Can I access to online  check-in service once I purchase the ticket? 

Answer, No, you can not. You must check the open hours ofthe departure airport online check-in sevives. For more details, please refer to the List of Cities including the open Hours

VIII.My E-ticket is not purchased on CEAIR ticket sale website. How can I process online self-service check in? 

Answer: please input the passenger’s name, ID number, and cell phone number , and process check-in procedures as directed by website guidance.

IX.When can  online check-in passengers start going through security check?

Answer: Please go through security check 40 minutes before the estemated departure time. If you fails to go through security check 40 minutes or board the aircraft 15 minutes before the estemated  departure time , or you might miss the flight.

X.What can I do to cancel online check-in procedures?

Answer: you can cancel the seat online or dial MU customer service hotline 95530. For more details, please refer to the List of Customer Service Hotlines of the Airports where Online Check-in Service is available.

XI.How can I print my boarding pass if no printer is available at home?

Answer: you can print  your boarding pass at the self-service check-in kiosk or check-in counter of CEA at the airport with your valid ID. 

XII.What can I do if I lose the printed boarding pass?

Answer: you can re-print,, your boarding pass at. the self-service check-in kiosk or check-in counter of CEA at the airport with your valid ID.

XIII.What type of paper is suitable for printing a boarding pass? 

Answer:  Normal A4 paper is ok for print a boarding pass. Paper with other dimensions and quality will not be accepted. 

XIV.Why do I fail to print the boarding pass?

Answer: printing problems may be  caused by internet browser, network, printer, etc. Please continue to complete online check-in procedures, and print your boarding pass. at the self-service check-in kiosk or check-in counter of CEA at the airport with your valid ID 45 minutes before the estimated departure time.

XV.Where should I get an E-Ticket itinerary receipt?

Answer: If you purchase the ticket via an agency should get an itinerary receipt at the original agency. If you purchase the ticket at CEAIR website  can get the E-ticket itinerary receipt at the airport (E-ticket itinerary receipt can be printed once only, and  cannot be re-printed  7 days  after the flight departure). 

XVI.Can I go through security check with online printed boarding pass  if I have no luggage check in? 

.Answer: Yes, you can. But we advise you to  recheck your boarding gate information at the enquiring counter before going through security check, or to confirm the final boarding gate in accordance with the flight information display screen i after  security check. 

XVII.What can I do if my online self-service check-in fail?

Answer: you can re-process online check-in  or re-print, your boarding pass at CEA kiosks or  counters at the airport. 

XVIII.Why does the boarding gate indicated on the boarding pass show the word “ undetermined”?

Answer: The boarding gate.was't determined when you check in. Please recheck your boarding gate information at the enquiring counter or flight information dispaly screen.

XIX.Can I help my friend process online check-in?

Answer, Yes, you can. please inpu your name, ID number, and cell phone number and  follow the website guidance to complete check-in procedure .

XX.Can CEAIR self-service check-in webpage afford serval passengers simultaneously? 

Answer, No, it can’t. You  have to input  your name, ID number, and cell phone number every time. 

XXI. My name is the combination of both Chinese characters and English words. Can I process online check-in?

Answer: No, you can’t. If your name is柯SHEN, you cannot process online check-in procedure. Instead, you are required to  check in at CEA check-in counters. 



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