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Online Check-in

Online Check-in

The Guide to Online Check-in Operation

  To provide  you with high-quality and convenient service,  China Eastern Airlines (shortened as “CEA” in the following) makes online check-in service available to you that you may log onto CEA website during check-in procedures. To ensure the successful launch of such service, you shall observe the regulations described below: Currently the online check-in service is only limited to adult passengers, excluding infants, children, and other passengers those who need special services. For more details, please refer to CEA Online Check-in Service Agreement and Questions and answers for Online Check-in.

1.The entrance for online check-in

  Access 1:
  First log onto www.ceair.com, check if  it is possible for check-in(refer to the list of cities with opening hours).Then click Self-service/Check in navigation menu, enter the corresponding master interface, input the ID number or 13-digit tickt number, press the button “Confirm” to complete.   
  Access 2:
  Select more services shown under Self-service/ check-in navigation menu on www.CEA.com, enter the interface below, input the ID number or 13-digit ticket number, press the button “Confirm” to complete.
2.Reserve seat
  If you have more than one tickt in your record, the system will show the latest flight by default. When the ticket involving more than one segment,  it must be checked in segment-by-segment .  If you take a international flight, document information must be confirmed before check-in.
  If you take domestic flight, you can choose your seat directly after you log onto the website. You can select among available seats in white to suit your personal preference for seat. Seats in white are available for choose, once you selecte a seat, the seat will turn into red. ,and the seat number will appear on the left. If you want to do another check-in , please select the red button “Return to Flight List” below. However, for the ticket involving  more than one segment,it must be checked segment-by-segment .


  If you have reserved a seat (not checked in), the seat will appear in green on the seating chart.and the seat number will appear on the left. When you check in, the system will give you this seat by default. If you want to  change another seat, please  select a white one when you check in.
   After you have selected the seat, please input a valid cell phone number at the bottom of the webpage to get a confirmatin message, or input an email address ,if you take an international flight, so that you can gain more services. Meanwhile, you are required to confirm whether you have read and accepted CEA Online Check-in Service Agreement. After you have finished all the steps above, press the button “Confirm selection” to complete.
3.Complete boarding
  When the onlinecheck-in process completed, there will relevant information displayed on the boarding pass as follows. You can press the boarding pass in PDF or HTML format. Meanwhile, you will receive  a confirmation message.


     Boarding pass sample:


  Please drop your check-in baggage at the check-in counter at least 1 hour before the scheduled departure. Please proceed through security check 40 minutes before and board the  aircraft 15 minutes before the scheduled departure, or you might miss the flight.
4.Re-select seat
  If you want to change a seat when you have already checked in, please log onto the homepage and select “Re-select Seat”.The change can be done 3 times at most, only for passengers check in online.

  When you enter the seating chart webpage, the seat in blue means your processed seat, the corresponding seat number showson the left of the seating chart. You can select another seat you prefer, and the selected seat number will appear on the left side too.


5.Cancel seat
  If  you want to cancel your check-in, please log onto the homepage and select  “Cancel Seat”  The cancellation can be done 3 times at most, only for passengers check in online.If you have more than one segment to cancel, you have to cancel them one by one in the reverse order.

  If you lose the cancellation verification code,  please select “Obtain Verification Code” to get a new one.   International (regional) cell phone users could use the verification code from the e-mail. After you input the verification code,  press “Cancel Seat” to complete.

The information about successful cancellation is displayed below. Meanwhile, China mainland cell phone users will get a confirmation message.


6.Print boarding pass
If you failed to print the boarding pass due to equipment problems after you successfully checked in online,  please log onto the homepage again, select "print boarding pass" when your printing device is available.



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