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Earning extra points of Eastern Miles by releasing your flight order in the Micro Blog

From now until 31 December 2013, passengers can earn additional points of Eastern Miles for each flight segment by successfully purchasing tickets through China Eastern Airlines’ official websites (www.ceair.com). Tickets that are refunded will not earn mileage credit. Extra points will be given to passengers who book the tickets.

1.A passenger will earn extra 20 points of Eastern Miles by paying each ¥100. Mileage awards will be credited to the passenger’s account within 10 working days after ticket’s issuing date. (Tickets that are purchased by pre-paid cards and Master card, tickets are for the youth and the aged, as well as joint-way products, do not qualify for this promotion. In addition, bonus mileage points are only calculated on the basis of the original ticket purchase transaction without calculating tax and insurance fee. Upgrades and ticket adjustment fees will not be included. )
2.After flight ticket’s payment, member must click “release your order”  button on Eastern Airline’s website to release your flight order onto Sina Micro Blog, then award points will be doubled, namely, paying ¥100 can redeem 40 Easternmiles points. Meanwhile, the automatically forwarding micro-blog will make more of your friends get flight tickets at more discount prices through the approach of official website of China Eastern Airline.
3.Members who register in the new portal of China Eastern Airline cannot join the Sina Micro Blog activity.   

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