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Baggage Services

Items Prohibited to Carry

• Items prohibited to be carried as baggage

 The items, which could endanger aircrafts and personnel or properties on board, specified in the Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the Dangerous Goods Regulations of International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the national laws and regulations or prohibited by official order and listed in the Rules of China Eastern are prohibited to be transported.

Including, but not limited to, explosive materials, inflammable and nonflammable non-toxic gases, toxic gases, flammable liquids, inflammable solids, spontaneous combustible substances and water-inflammable substances, oxidizing agents and organic peroxides, toxic and infectious substances, radioactive substances and corrosive substances, etc; guns, ammunition, military or police instruments and their imitations; checked knives and tools; live animals; fresh and perishable substances with strong smell, e.g. durian, etc.; substances which can easily contaminate aircrafts, magnetic substances; substances with narcotic, uncomfortable or other similar properties; goods which are unsuitable to be transported as baggage as required by the national laws and regulations and the regulations of China Eastern Airlines. Passengers cannot put any of the aforesaid items in their baggage or carry it into the cabin; otherwise, China Eastern Airlines shall be entitled to provide transport services. For further information about the restricted items, please refer to our General Transport Conditions or call 95530 for consultation.

• Items prohibited to be carried as checked baggage

Those items which are required to be looked after by persons, including currency, stocks and bonds in circulation, negotiable securities, drafts, breakable or easily-worn goods, perishable goods, jewelry, precious metals and their metalwork, gold and silver products, antiques and paintings, out-of-print videos, out-of-print printed matters or manuscripts, samples or other precious goods, important documents and data, diplomatic pouches, travel documents, computer and accessories, personal communication devices and fittings, personal electronic digital equipment and fittings, etc. and prescription medicines to be taken at regular time, etc., and for more information, please refer to our General Transport Conditions or call 95530 for consultation.

• Items prohibited to carry

The blunt, edge tools and similar items other than checked knives and tools, dry ice, electrically powered wheelchairs, service dogs (e.g. guide dogs, hearing dogs and assistance dogs, etc.), alcoholic drinks, guns and ammunition used for hunting and sports and large musical instruments, etc. cannot be transported until the approval of China Eastern Airlines is obtained, and for more information, please log on to our website or call 95530 for consultation.

•Items not allowed to be carried as checked baggage or in baggage:

The breakable, vulnerable and perishable items and lithium batteries cannot be transported as checked bagged or put into baggage.  The lithium ion batteries or battery pack of more than 100Wh but less than 160Wh can be carried as non-checked baggage only; the lithium batteries of over 160Wh are strictly forbidden to be carried. Every passenger only can carry 2 lithium batteries or above battery packs and take preventive measures compliant with the requirements for safe transport of CAAC and China Eastern Airlines.  Each standby battery of portable electronic devices must be properly protected to avoid short circuit (Placed in its original retail package, or for insulated electrodes, the exposed electrodes are covered with tape, or each battery is put into a single plastic bag or protection box).

For more detailed information, please visit our website or call our service hot-line for consultation.


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