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Baggage Services

Packaging Requirements for Checked Baggage

The checked baggage shall be packed in a suitcase or other suitable containers which shall be locked in good conditions and bundled up firmly and can bear a certain amount of pressure, ensuring safe transport under normal conditions of operation; for any baggage failing to satisfy the corresponding requirements, China Eastern Airlines has the right to refuse to collect and transport checked baggage and (or) assume any compensation liability for damage.   For each piece of checked baggage, the weight cannot be more than 50kg and the volume cannot exceed 40cm×60cm×100cm, and in case any baggage exceeds the aforesaid specifications, it shall be checked with the prior consent of China Eastern Airlines.

Type of flight

Restrictions on checked baggage weight (Per piece)

Restrictions on checked baggage volume (per piece)

International or regional flights

less than 32 kg

Not exceeding 40cm*60cm*100cm

International or regional and domestic connecting flights

Domestic flights

Less than 50kg

Any baggage exceeding the above-mentioned weight or volume shall be transported as goods.


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