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Customer Service Commitments

China Eastern Customer Service Commitments
China Eastern Corporation Limited has been committed to the principle of customer first and entirehearted service, with the intention to create precise, delicate, exquisite and wonderful flight experience for customers. We have outlined our responsibilities and how we will fulfill them in 14 points, known as our Customer Commitment.

1. 95530 customer service hotline
95530 hotline is a crucial platform where China Eastern Airlines will conduct the passenger ticket marketing and service for passengers. It offers service in 4 languages including Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean around the clock, including enquiry of flight information, passenger ticket marketing, business consulting, acceptance of passenger suggestions and proposals, support of direct E-booking and service for club members of Eastern Miles. In the mean time, it can offer service for business travel and holiday tour etc.
Tip: the service information is also available on www.ceair.com.

2. Favorable ticket marketing
In accordance with your booking date, flight and class, you may enjoy the best price for those conditions through www.ceair.com, booking call center, airport booking office,our booking office in downtown area and our sales agency booking office. If you have a flexible travel schedule, we may recommend the most favorable tour plan for you.
Tip: before purchasing the ticket mentioned above, please check the preconditions for using those tickets, so as to make the best choice.

3. Time for check-in
Time for receiving the boarding pass in the airport: less than 5 minutes for first class, less than 7 minutes for business class, and less than 18 minutes for economy class in 95% of cases. Time for filling in the ticket, ticket refund and payment for overweight baggage is less than 5 minutes, and the queue-up time will be less than 10 minutes.

4. Prompt delivery of baggage
Upon arrival of the international (regional) and domestic flights, we promise that the delivery time for the first piece of baggage in 95% of the flights parking by the bridge is within 15 minutes after opening of the cabin door; that the delivery time for the first piece of baggage in 95% of the flights parking away from the bridge is within 20 minutes after opening of the cabin door; and that all checked baggage will be delivered within 45 minutes after opening of the cabin door.

5. Frequent flyer
Eastern Miles club is intended to offer a reward plan of the accumulated points for the frequent flyers to create the additional value. Members may accumulate Eastern Miles points by taking flights of China Eastern, Shanghai Airline, China United Airlines and the partner airlines, or booking hotels, financial services, catering, car rental, telecommunication service, recreational experience and healthcare service. And those points may be exchanged for air tickets, class upgrading, cost for overweight baggage and fine gifts. The website (www.easternmiles.com) offers enquiry of point accumulation and exchange for frequent flyers , exchange for gift tickets, change of member information and enquiry of latest information.

6. E-ticket
China Eastern now offers the most sophisticated E-ticket booking system in China, and the online booking service (www.ceair.com) is open to customers around the clock. You may book tickets online anytime and anywhere, and make the payment around the world via UnionPay or MASTER international card system in a secure and carefree manner. Meanwhile, the E-ticket booking system is linked to booking system and departure system, which will keep you posted of the latest timetable, seat and prices of the flight, thus bringing more convenience for your boarding.
Tip: international and domestic tickets of China Eastern are available anytime and anywhere. For information on departure flight, please call 95530 or log on www.ceair.com.

7. Expeditious transfer
China Eastern will offer efficient and reliable all-round transfer service around the axle of Shanghai. You may reach over 1000 destinations in approximately 200 countries all over the world by way of One Ticket to Destination, Direct Baggage Carriage and Seamless Transport. We have Connected Flight Transfer and Direct Baggage Carriage services in some cities, so you can arrange the connected flight ticket, collect continued flight boarding pass and handle baggage check-in at the departure place. And when you transfer at Pudong Airport terminal, you don’t have to go through the procedure for the continued flight, and your checked baggage may be declared of customs procedure at the transfer airport. The service is currently available for the passengers who transfer to domestic flights of China Eastern on the same day at Pudong Airport Shanghai from the international flights coming from Singapore, Inchon, Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo, Pusan, Vancouver, New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angles, Paris, Frankfurt and London, and is also available for the passengers who transfer to international flights of China Eastern on the same day at Pudong Airport Shanghai from the domestic flights coming from Fuzhou, Xiamen, Wenzhou, Qingdao, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming, Nanjing, Beijing, Tianjin, Changsha, Xi’an, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shenyang, Dalian and Harbin.
Tips: 1.      Passengers on the flights with the internal code-share flight of China Eastern are not included. 2.      The service is restricted to T1 Terminal of Pudong Airport. 3.      The shortest time for transfer connection at other transfer places of China Eastern may be referred to regulations published on the transfer airports.

8 . Children traveling alone
We will provide go through check-in for healthy children aged between 5 (inclusive) and 12 (inclusive) without accompany of adults. You may enquiry via the website (www.ceair.com) for more information or call 95530. We have dedicated staff to take care of the children without accompany of adults on both the plane and ground in the entire course of the flight. You must apply for the service for the children taking plane without accompany of the adult in advance, and with our confirmation and consent, they may take the flight or the connected flight of China Eastern . Tips: generally you should raise the request 1 week in advance. Please carefully fill in the column of parents or custodian, name of person who will pick the child at the destination, address, ID number and contact method, so as to facilitate the staff to contact them.

9. Ticket change and refund
If for involuntary reason, you request to change the ticket, we will handle it according to applicable regulations, and ticket fare, overweight baggage and other service charges will be refunded in the case of overcharge, or will not be repaid in the case of shortage. If for voluntary reason, you request to change the ticket, we will handle the procedure according to the applicable regulations. The balance of the ticket price will be refunded or repaid, as the case may be. If for involuntary reason, you request to return the ticket, we will refund all price for unused article of the flight free of procedure fee. If for voluntary reason, you request to return the ticket, we will follow the restriction condition of the ticket and relevant rules. If the ticket is not used for any article of the flight, the balance will be refunded after deducting the procedure fees for each article. Return procedure fee is exempted for the disabled servicemen and policemen and the baby ticket with 10% of the announced price in the case of domestic flights; Return procedure fee is exempted for baby tickets with 10% of the announced price of international flights. In the case of returning the ticket for reason of sickness, it will be treated in the same manner as the voluntary return of tickets. You must provide the diagnostic proof of the hospital and make the request in person, and then the procedure fee may be exempted.
Tip: for more information on the procedure, please call 95530 or log on www.ceair.com.

10. Irregular baggage transport service
We will try it’s best to deliver your baggage on time, and in the case of late arrival, we will contact you within 24 hours after you fill in the property irregularity report. Before delivery of the baggage, we will keep contact with you every day. If the late coming baggage arrives, we will, according to your request, hand over the baggage to you in the airport or deliver it to the agreed location. If the baggage is not claimed, we will contact the owner via the name, address and phone number recognizable on the baggage.
Tip: we’ll try our best to avoid occurrence of irregular baggage transport, thus minimizing the inconvenience that may cause to your travel, but occasionally the checked baggage may be damaged or missing. Therefore, please leave your name, contact address and phone number on the baggage. For detailed regulations on baggage transport, please consult with our staff or call 95530.

11. Irregular flight service
We will provide information on flight delay, cancellation and change status timely and completely via the following channels: if you’ve provided contact information at the time of reservation, we will, after knowing of flight delay or cancellation, inform you 4 hours before the departure time indicated on the ticket or at an earlier time, lest you may waste your time coming to the airport. If the flight is delayed or cancelled when you’re already in the airport or on board, we will quickly publish written notice or broadcast the delay time and the estimated departure time ect. If the time of flight delay is uncertain, we will inform you the progress of the flight every 30 minutes. In the VIP lounge of the terminal or in the cabin, if the delay time is uncertain, we will inform the passengers every 20 minutes. In the terminal or in the cabin, if the flight is delayed, you may get the latest information on flight delay and change status from staff at the boarding gate or crew member. you may also call 95530 to get such information.
Tip: please leave you contact method when making the reservation, so that we may inform you of the delay in time.

12. Freight transport
China Eastern has launched the service that integrates warehouse, transport, stowage, distribution, loading and unloading. We will also offer such services as fixed time transfer, limited time transfer, dangerous goods transfer , live animals transfer, fast freight transfer, out-of-limit goods transfer, special goods transfer and chartered plane ect. Meanwhile, we will offer such differential services as entire plate and cupboard transfer, door-to-door service, barge between plane and parking lot, international urgent correspondence, fixed time service for European and American routes, and direct delivery. All those will bring you the secure, quality and complete cargo transport service.

13. Sincere customer care
We will understand and fulfill the customer needs as far as possible, and will pay special attention to the needs of the important passengers, elderly, infants, children traveling alone , and pregnant women. We will provide service to those passengers with difficulty in sight, hearing, intelligence or movement on the service site. If you take the flight of China Eastern or flight of SkyTeam Alliance partners, we will, together with SkyTeam Alliance partners, provide satisfactory and quality guaranteed service to you.

14. Timely settlement of customer complaints
You may call our 24-hour hotline 95530, and we will contact you within 1 working day after receiving your complaint, and give the settlement decision within 15 working days. If you are a member of SkyTeam Alliance, we will reply to you within 28 days (calendar days) after receiving your complaint. If you are super elite or elite member of SkyTeam Alliance, we will reply to you within 9 days (calendar days) after receiving your complaint.
Tip: for a quick response to your complaint, please provide detailed information of the event and your contact method, so that we may conduct the survey and settlement process immediately.



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