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Pre-flight Services

Passenger Health Advisory

Patients with the following conditions are not fit for air travel
· Patients with heart disease in serious or dangerous state. For example: serious heart failure; patients with cyanosis symptom or myocardial infarction (patients who have suffered myocardial infarction within six weeks of the flight).
· Infants younger than 14 days old.
· Pregnant women. Pregnant women whose gestation period has exceeded 36 weeks. (Pregnant women whose gestation period has lasted for 32-36 weeks must present a certificate of diagnosis signed by a doctor within 72 hours of flight).
· Anemic patients whose hemoglobin level is below 50 percent (Hb8g/dl).
· Patients with serious tympanitis accompanied by Eustachian tube blockage symptoms.
· Patients who have recently suffered from spontaneous pneumothorax or patients who have recently experienced nervous system symptoms caused by pneumothorax angiography.
· Patients with large mediastinal tumors, supermajor hernia turgescency or intestinal obstruction; patients with head injuries, intracranial hypertension, or skull fracture; patients who have recently suffered mandibular bone fractures and have been fitted with metallic wires.
· Alcohol or other drugs poisoned patients; psychotic patients; people prone to hurt others or inflict self-injury.
· People who have recently undergone surgery and whose wounds have not completely healed, parturients who have delivered within two weeks of flight.
· Patients who have suffered spine type gray inflammation in the past 30 days.
· Patients with the following infectious or difficult diseases: Cholera, typhoid fever, paratyphoid fever, eruption typhus, dysentery, smallpox, scarlet fever, diphtheria, plague, encephalitis epidemica, meningitis, infective tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.
· Dermatosis patients who have infectious wounds or who may cause discomfort to other passengers.
· Patients with serious symptoms of hemoptysis, hematemesis, or vomiting.


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