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Pre-flight Services

Passenger Information

You who have already reserved a seat should purchase a ticket within the time limits. If you fail to purchase a ticket within the limits, the reservation you have made will be canceled accordingly; If you fail to reserve a connection ticket within the limits in accordance with the requirements of airports or related carriers, the flight you have reserved can be offered to another passenger accordingly. If you want to change or cancel the reservation, you should apply for it within the time limits; If some restricted conditions are attached to your ticket price, you should stick to these restricted conditions. Open tickets should be used after reserving the seats.

Purchase of Ticket
When you purchase a ticket, your own valid identity certificate (including but not limited to, ID card, passport, visa, etc)must be presented and you should pay attention to the validity of Id card, passport. Visa, etc. A 'Passenger Reservation Card' must be filled in. If you purchase tickets on our website or the service line 95530, you should inform us of your valid ID card, telephone, etc and be responsible for the authenticity of the information. When passengers with illness, pregnancy (pregnancy over 32 weeks) purchase tickets, the medical certificate for flights from recognized medical organizations should be presented. Details of sick travelers qualifying to take flights can be found in our "transportation condition." We remind you that certain discounted tickets or special offers tickets contain limits to some services which might inconvenience your journey.

Passenger ticket
Passenger ticket is the air transport certificate of the contract between you and us. Passenger ticket contains paper ticket and e-ticket. Passenger ticket is name-registered, only used by the person named on the ticket. A ticket is should not be transferred, mutilated or altered, otherwise the ticket will be void and no refund will be made. If you use defective tickets or the tickets which are not changed by us or our agents, we will reject the flight. Ticket is valid from the date of commencement of first shipment and within one year, it is effective; if your ticket is not used, from the date of issuing the ticket, it is valid for one year, excluding special fare tickets. Validity of special fare tickets is calculated in accordance with the conditions specified by us. Connection flights tickets shall be used in accordance with ticket voyage in the order from the departure point.

You can go to the direct ticket office, sales agents or the website, service line 95530 to purchase the e-tickets. When you purchase the e-tickets, valid travel certificate to be used when you check in at the airport should be presented. "Air transport e-ticket" (abbreviation: "Itinerary") only serves as an electronic ticket you purchase for reimbursement voucher and not as certificate for airport check-in procedures and security checks. If your failure causes “itinerary" to be lost, according to "air transport e-ticket itinerary management approach", we will not make up for printing your "itinerary ".

Child tickets, infant tickets
An infant under 2 years of age and reaching 14 days not occupying a separate seat is charged at 10% of the published fare. If you need a separate seat, the infant is charged child fare ticket price. One adult passenger is entitled to accompany two infants and when the number is more than two, every extra one is charged as much as a child fare with a seat.

Paper ticket lost
If you have lost your paper ticket, within the valid time of this lost paper ticket, you should go to EA or our sales agent to apply for loss reporting of paper ticket with your personal valid ID card and copies or faxes of lost ticket drawer. After verification and approval, for paper tickets which meet the conditions of filling up application, you will need to make an application before departure time of the scheduled flight, and we will provide a new ticket and a fee will be charged accordingly. If your lost paper ticket is not fraudulent, within 30 days after the expiration date, If your lost paper ticket is fraudulent, we will not be liable.

You can ask for a refund for the ticket if you have not used the ticket for certain or all parts of the flight within the term of validity of the paper or electric ticket. A ticket cannot be returned if it says “No returning””NON-REF”or”NON-REFUND”. If you want to get a refund, you need bring your personal valid traveling certificates and the ticket (if applicable) to the place where you originally purchased the ticket. When you voluntarily apply for a refund, a service charge for the refund will ensue according to the ticket’s price and applicable conditions. If you terminate your traveling at a place of stop during the flight due to your own reasons, the remaining fund for the unused part of the flight will not be returned. If you cannot take the scheduled flight or cabin, we may choose to get a refund without entailing any service charge. If the customer fails to provide valid certificates or goes against the regulations of the government and carrier, and therefore is not allowed aboard, his application for a refund will be handled according to the voluntary refunding regulations with the service charge ensued.

We may arrange overbooked flights where there are more likely to be empty seats to meet the traveling needs of more customers. We will prompt


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