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China Eastern online check-in Platform

China Eastern online check-in system is only available for adults or children accompanied with adult on domestic flights or international/regional flights (round trip or one way from Shanghai). Online check-in for children accompanied with adult is only available for domestic flights. The adults carrying infants and those who requiring special services are advised to check-in at airport counters.. FAQs related to online check-in    The Guide to Online Check-in Operation    
Passenger's name:

Please input your name in the format "Family name/Given Name" for international flights
Important notice:
  • 1、The seat you checked can only be cancelled online.
  • 2、In special circumstances MU will close the online check-in service, thanks for your understanding.
  • 3、If you can't take the flight on time, please cancel the online check-in one hour before departure. The cancellation can be done three times at most.
  • 4、Except New York, San Francisco, Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Xichang which self-service check-in are open on 08:00 on the day before the scheduled departure time, the other aiports are open on 08:00 on two days before the scheduled departure time.
  • 5、When check in for child accompanied with adult, please login in child first.